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The Guild of Artisans


I recently scored a promo film for Aesop, directed by The Apiary. It involves the sounds of chisels, saws, weaving machines and the beautiful playing of The Guastalla Quartet:


On False Perspective film


The video of On False Perspective, my twenty-minute Hogarth opera with a libretto by Ben Osborn staged in May at the Britten Theatre, has been released! You can watch it right here:

within the circle of your transience review


"inspired by a phrase from Siegfried Sassoon, a piano trio creates a sound world that is fraught with tension and yet, confusingly but hauntingly, peaceful at the same time."

click here to read Anna Beer's blog post on women composers which mentions my recent piece for The Albany Piano Trio, within the circle of your transience 

On False Perspective reviews


"On False Perspective got us off to a strong start...Josephine Stephenson's music was full of elegant and atmospheric strings, made eerie with lustrous woodwind. The vocal line was always beautifully drawn...resoundingly positive for the future of opera as an art form with relevance and vitality for the modern age"

"Stephenson's score...never merely 'depicts'; it contributes to the drama, as good operatic music should" 

"a touching scene set to music sensitively by Stephenson" 
Classical Source

"clever and engaging" 
Ham Life

"keep an eye out for the names here" 
Planet Hugill