Evergreen: Overseas


Today is the release of Overseas, the second album of the French band Evergreen (previously known as 'We Were Evergreen').

I wrote some string arrangements for two of the tracks, 'Maritime' and 'Conifère', which were played by 12 Ensemble. Check it out!

Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino


Today is the release of the Arctic Monkeys's new album, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino

I had so much fun joining the band in France last year to play some piano on a few of the tracks. Here's a picture of all of us at the end of a glorious weekend at La Frette studios.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties


This fun film by John Cameron Mitchell is out in the UK!

I got to be the voice(s) of the entire alien community stranded in 1970s Croydon, orchestrated by Mr Nico Muhly and most prominent in the middle party scene. It's wonderfully bizarre. Go see it!

Listenpony Tour


This week was the first time we ever took Listenpony out of London. We put on 3 concerts, one in Birmingham, one in Manchester and the final one in London last night. We took with us the wonderful artists George Fu (piano) and La Vaghezza (baroque ensemble), and were joined by local 'pop' acts in each town (Cinema in Birmingham, Aldous RH in Manchester and Elena Tonra in London). 

The programme contained 6 world premieres, by Robin Richards, Joanna Ward, Daniel Fardon, William, Freya and I, as well as music by Castello, Fontana, Bach, Messiaen and Liszt. It was a really great experience which we hope to repeat in the future!

Here's a picture of everyone playing together at the London concert last night, which was set amongst a sculpture exhibition by Josie Spencer (© Dimitri Djuric). 

Jon Hopkins: Singularity


Today is the release of Jon Hopkins's new album, Singularity

I provided some singing for the middle track, 'Feel First Life'.

Daughter: All I Wanted


Today a very special video came out: a live performance of the band Daughter's song 'All I Wanted', from their video game soundtrack Music from Before the Storm, in a new arrangement by me for singer Elena Tonra with string quartet and vocal quartet. 

We filmed it at the Peckham Asylum last month in one take, directed by Simon Lane. 

Read more about it at the Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/...

... and watch it below! 

Nonclassical: Rise of the Machines #2 @ Village Underground


On the 18th of March Nonclassical put on their second Rise of the Machines event, a 'classical club night' which among sets from the brilliant Langham Research Centre included music by Barry Guy, Nick Ryan & John Matthias, and a new collaborative Concerto for drum machine and orchestra, of which I wrote the last movement. 

The other movements for the concerto were composed by Laurence Osborn, Max de Wardener, Jo Thomas and Beni Giles. We talked a bit about it here. The machine we used was a Roland TR-8, and I got to perform Beni's piece on it as well as mine, with the Nonclassical orchestra conducted by Jessica Cottis. What fun. I hope we do it again.

Pic Nick Rutter ©

Filthy Lucre: Lingua Ignota


Filthy Lucre last week (music by Hildegard von Bingen, Claude Vivier, Iannis Xenakis, Laurence Osborn, David Bowie/Brian Eno, Talking Heads)

pic Grittani Creative ©